A Garden for the kids

In German, “kindergarten” literally means “children’s garden” – and in our case this is true! We have a real garden – surrounded by greenery at the edge of the Odenwald forest – where children from both age groups can let off steam, play, discover plants and trees and experience the rhythm of the seasons under the careful supervision and guidance of our highly motivated and skilled staff.


In springtime we plant vegetables and flowers. Through active involvement the children are able to experience the miracle of plant growth. They also learn that plants need to be watered and looked after if they are to thrive – a fun way of learning about responsibility.


We have designed our playground to make sure that there is plenty to discover and experience – of course always with a focus on safety.

Getting there

Our garden can be used by both the nursery and the kindergarten. Even the little ones are pretty mobile – and if their legs prove too short, they happily sit in our much-loved “Sternchen” hand cart and let themselves be pulled along for some of the way.