For each of the two age groups we have developed tailor-made concepts for the children’s care and development. But our unique philosophy applies to both locations and all the kids, whatever their age.


Our approach to child care is highly personalized – and by this we mean more than just wiping away tears and providing a secure environment. All the children are supported and encouraged individually according to their interests, talents and level of maturity. After all, each of them has a unique personality, and our staff members are trained to recognize their potential and focus on their particular abilities. At the same time, we put an emphasis on team spirit and fair play.


We are delighted to welcome children from many different nationalities and religions.

We encourage openness and tolerance for different cultures. Parents tell us they highly value our approach to developing their children’s social and emotional skills, as well as their ability to express themselves and communicate.

Our children’s nationalities

American, Austrian, Catalan/German, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Polish/German, Turkish.

Annual projects

Every year, our activities focus on a particular theme. This year it is “Art”, and we are introducing the kids to famous artists and explaining different kinds of artistic activity to them. The idea is to inspire them to develop their own creativity and prepare them for the special excursions that we organize.

Regional roots

We don’t just focus on the big wide world – we also emphasize our regional roots, starting with the two historic locations for the nursery and kindergarten. Identifying with their home surroundings and understanding the region they live in gives the children a sense of belonging – whether or not their parents come from Heidelberg or are only here on a temporary basis.


Our children are immediately recognizable as “Die Sternchen”, with the bright red polo-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and outdoor jackets bearing our logo. Wearing them is not compulsory – but the kids love them!